Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

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    The reliability of abnormal cervical cytology
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  2. Narayansingh G, Ramsewak S
    The evaluation of needle aspiration of Bartholin’s abscess
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  3.  Ramsewak S, Narayansingh G, Bahadoorsingh V, Chang Yen I
    Normal values of serum calcium, magnesium, uric acid, creatinine, phosphorous and calcium – creatinine ratio in Trinidadian parturients
    Proceedings:  Caribbean Academy of Sciences 4:125 – 132 (1993)

Articles in other Journals

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    Cardiotocography in monitoring high risk pregnancies
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  2. Suratsingh J, Ramsewak S, Roopnarinesingh S
    Pregnancy outcome in Trinidad teenagers
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  3. Ramsewak S
    Dysfunctional uterine bleeding – a practical approach
    General Practitioners of Trinidad and Tobago
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  4. Ramsewak S, Persad P, Narayansingh G, Perkins S
    Conservative surgical management for ectopic pregnancy
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  5. Narayansingh G, Ramsewak S
    The influence of Carnival on conceptions: a Trinidad experience
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