Books & Chapters

As Professor in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, I coordinated and supervised the clinical teaching of these subjects at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital and at the Mt. Hope Maternity Hospital.

Apart from the teaching of undergraduates and postgraduates at these hospitals, I have enhanced the teaching of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in our Faculty by the following contributions:

  1. Senior co-author of a textbook in Gynaecology entitled ‘Basic Practical  Gynaecology’
    Royard’s Publishers (1995) ISBN.976-8,052-23-6, 324 pages.
    2nd edition 2011.
    This book is in current usage by medical students and is listed as one of two essential texts in the official student booklist of the Faculty.
  2. Five chapters in:‘Textbook of Obstetrics’  Ed. Roopnarinesingh S
    First edition. Paria Publishers (1988) ISBN.976-8054-14-X
    This is also listed as an essential textbook in the Faculty.
    Two chapters contributed in 2nd and 3rd editions.
  3. Chapter in book ‘From ovulation to implantation’
    Editors: Evers JH, Heineman MJ, Elsevier Publishers BV (1990)
    Cooke ID, Li TC, Dunphy B, Dockery P, Lenton EA, Ramsewak S, Klentzeris L : ‘Clinical aspects of ovulation’
  4. Chapter in book ‘Unexplained Infertility. Basic and Clinical Aspects’.  Serono Publications Raven Press, New York (1990)
    Cooke ID, Lenton EA, Ramsewak S, Li TC, Dockery P
    ‘Pathophysiology of the Follicle’
  5.  ‘Maternal and Child Health Manual for Trinidad and Tobago’
    PAHO/ Ministry of Health (1992)
    Author, section on Maternal Health
  6. The monograph ‘Management on the Labour Ward’ (70 pages).
    This document has been extensively used by pre-registration House Officers and medical students at the main hospital maternity wards.
  7. Five other monographs for undergraduate teaching purposes have been produced in conjunction with one of our Senior lecturers, Dr. Gordon Narayansingh.
    1. The Heart and Circulation in Pregnancy
    2. The post-dates pregnancy
    3. Contemporary contraception
    4. Pre-term labour
    5. Diabetes in pregnancy